Secchu Yokota


Contemporary Japanese featuring omakase tempura

Chef Atsushi Yokota comes from a long line of chefs from western Japan. His exposure to a variety of culinary styles started at a very young age. His grandfather was a chef specializing in traditional kaiseki cuisine who had the honor of serving the Emperor of Japan. And his father, also a chef, focused on Western cuisine at renowned Japanese hotels and later, his own establishment. Following in their footsteps, Yokota forged his own culinary path in French cuisine. Then in 1998, he moved to the United States from Japan to further expand his culinary horizons.

Now, Yokota is returning to his roots. He is taking his 30 years of experience in Japan and the United States to present his unique interpretation of Japanese art and aesthetics, offering guests Japanese cooking with a focus on tempura, paired with dishes reflecting his diverse cultural, culinary and family influences.